Firearms & Tactics Training

- The Tactical Edge, National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), by John Stuckey, SWAT Commander

Whether you have never fired a gun or wanting to improve your self-defense skills we're here to help you!


Tim Blakeley has been in the law enforcement profession since 1994, firearms instructing since 1995, and  holds multiple professional certifications in tactics and firearms.

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Life-saving Training

At PoliceTech, we've built our training on field experience ranging from the urban environment of Dallas, Texas to the desert of Helmand, Afghanistan. We can help you reach your personal protection goals at a reasonable cost such as carrying a handgun concealed. Women only classes are also available with a female instructor on-site.



Shooting to Survive


"In “Shooting to Survive,” Timothy Blakeley has recreated the Encyclopedia Britannica for all things concerning combat pistol shooting. I have seen and read books that discuss handgun basics, others that address tactics, drills and advanced techniques, and books that speak to the importance of mindset and physical preparedness. “Shooting to Survive” encompasses all these topics in one thorough manual that will appeal to novice shooters as well as more advanced operators."


600 pages!

1300 endnotes!

300 illustrations!

In use by over 700 law enforcement agencies!

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