PoliceTech is a company that provides professional firearms training to law-abiding citizens, police officers, and military operators. Tim Blakeley is an experienced instructor and police officer that founded the company. Tim is a graduate of the Dallas Police Department Academy (Texas) one of the most respected in the country. He certifies every three years through the State of North Carolina as a law enforcement instructor and is required to participate in a continued education and training program.

PoliceTech is logistically capable of making available all the necessary facilities in order to instruct courses in North Carolina. These facilities include: lecture rooms, academic material, firing ranges, and all the logistical infrastructure required to give the student the best learning experience. PoliceTech is a company that prides itself in providing professional training at a reasonable price.

PoliceTech can provide various training courses including a North Carolina approved Concealed Carry Handgun course, National Rifle Association (NRA) handgun courses such as Defensive Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Basics of Personal Protection Outside of the Home. and custom defensive courses for the handgun, rifle, and shotgun.

At PoliceTech our motto is simple: EXPECT THE WORST. TRAIN FOR THE WORST.

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