Q: Does PoliceTech teach civilians as well as law enforcement?
A: Yes, PoliceTech offers training to any law-abiding citizen. Firearms according to the Courts are inheriently dangerous devices and PoliceTech maintains its right to refuse service as deemed necessary.

Q: How can I sign up for the North Carolina Concealed Carry class?
A: Call 910-690-5333 for a reservation in a class.

Q: Do I have to pay the full amount prior to attending the North Carolina Concealed Carry class?
A: Yes, the amount is paid in full. This reduces PoliceTech's expense for bookkeeping.

Q: Is my payment refundable, if I cannot attend the scheduled class?
A: No, however you have the option of attending the next two scheduled classes. If you fail to attend either of the two classes your fee is forfeited. Exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances.

Q: Can I complete the North Carolina Concealed Carry class in one day?
A: Yes, you will complete the class in one day. After passing a written exam and qualifying on the range  you will also earn a certificate.

Q: Does PoliceTech offer training to the military and its personnel?
A: Yes, PoliceTech offers training to the military and individual members of the military.

Q: Why should a military unit seek training from PoliceTech?
A: PoliceTech's training courses are based on practical law enforcement experience. In other words what really works in a field environment. It is built around the body's natural reactions to stress and utilizes gross motor skills. This is exactly what a military operator will be utilizing in a combat environment. The lead instructor has approximately 2000 training hours and is well versed in use-of-force subject matters. 

Q: I see that most of the courses are 1 day, but can additional days be added for specific training needs at the client's request?
A: Yes, PoliceTech is flexible and can provide specific training in select areas. Any of the firearms or tactical courses can be taught in 5 and 10 training day periods.





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