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Editorial Reviews for Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol

"In “Shooting to Survive,” Timothy Blakeley has recreated the Encyclopedia Britannica for all things concerning combat pistol shooting. I have seen and read books that discuss handgun basics, others that address tactics, drills and advanced techniques, and books that speak to the importance of mindset and physical preparedness. “Shooting to Survive” encompasses all these topics in one thorough manual that will appeal to novice shooters as well as more advanced operators."
- The Tactical Edge, National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), by John Stuckey, SWAT Commander

“This definitely isn’t Shooting for Dummies. With 600 pages, 300 illustrations, and more than 1300 endnotes. Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol is a comprehensive guide for how to use a handgun against criminals or adversaries in a variety of situations. Outside of the basics―firearms safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, and reloading―the book also covers many advanced tactics, such as shooting while injured, cover and concealment, and unarmored vehicle combat."
- RECOIL Magazine, Gun Lifestyle: Gear ● Technology ● Sport ● Outdoor ● Home & Personal Defense

"Shooting to packed with enough information for any two or three books, making its cover price a great value. If it involves fighting with a pistol, Blakeley probably has included it in this one book. It is an impressive effort, and presents and incredible amount of information which the reader will no doubt put to good use. Shooting to Survive is easy to read, easy to use, and facilitates looking up whatever topic you wish to review or reconsider. Absolutely a worthwhile read."
- Women and Guns Magazine, by Roger Lanny, Contributing Editor

"This is a quite hefty and thoroughly footnoted textbook on defensive pistol shooting with a law enforcement emphasis. That's not surprising, as the author is a police officer and veteran of police training in Afghanistan. The focus here is on practical marksmanship and gun handling, centered  round Glock pistols. It's hard to fault that, as Glocks have predominated in law enforcement circles for years....covers thoroughly the chosen subject matter."
- InterMedia Outdoors, Inc.premier outdoor sports-oriented media group in the United States

"I greatly admire the job you did with "Shooting to Survive." You've really put together a comprehensive and lucid treatment of good pistol craft and one that will be helpful to every reader who wants to improve his/her skills."
- Charles Remsberg, Founder of Street Survival Seminar by Calibre Press; author of Street Survival, The Tactical Edge, and Tactics for Criminal Patrol, and Blood Lessons

“Shooting to Survive covers how to use a handgun from A to Z. It’s an incredible tool for anyone who needs to be completely comfortable with their firearm. I spent 25 years as a police officer and wish this book had been around when I needed it. There is a huge amount of info here and, although it will help everyone who handles handguns, it should be a MUST for law enforcement training.”
- Wendy Kierstead, Author of Law Enforcement Safety Handbook

Shooting to Survive is a must-read guide for responsible civilians carrying concealed, law enforcement officers protecting communities, and military operators conducting combat missions. This is not only a book on shooting a pistol, but more importantly a book on fighting with a pistol detailing the reasons for the techniques. The techniques are designed around the response of the human body when experiencing a body alarm reaction.

Shooting to Survive contains information from some of the best instructors throughout the United States and internationally in competitive shooting, private security, law enforcement SWAT, and military Special Operations. Volumes of information that would cost a great deal of money and fill a personal library are conveniently assembled in this one book to inform and educate you on how to fight with a pistol.

Shooting to Survive is a 600-page book broken into easy-to-read sections that are conveniently organized providing an in-depth analysis. There are nearly 300 illustrations and over 1300 endnotes. The techniques in the book on fighting with a pistol apply to any brand including those with a decocker, grip safety, or manual safety. The book also contains detailed information about the internationally popular Glock pistols.

Shooting to Survive: How to Fight with a Pistol